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Pharmaceutical needs assessment

The aim of the Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) is to enable understanding of the pharmaceutical needs of our local population and where necessary use this information to develop pharmaceutical services to meet any identified unmet needs. The PNA is used to inform the commissioning process in respect to pharmaceutical needs in Nottinghamshire.

A Supplementary Statement records changes to the provision of pharmacy services since the publication of the Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment. Supplementary Statements are issued for opening or closure of pharmacies or when there are pharmaceutical needs assessment changes that are minor and would be relevant for granting of applications. Once issued, a supplementary statement becomes part of the PNA.

Changes since then are recorded in supplementary statements and an up to date list of pharmacies will be published by Nottinghamshire Public Health with the supplementary statements each quarter, and will serve to update the PNA published in March 2018.



Supplementary Statements 2018/19

Supplementary Statements 2019/20

Supplementary Statements 2020/21

Supplementary Statements 2021/22

Supplementary Statements 2022/23


Draft Nottinghamshire Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2022-2025 


Nottinghamshire Health and Wellbeing Board is currently drafting its next pharmaceutical needs assessment which will be published by 1st October 2022. The 60-day consultation on the draft version has now closed.