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Nottingham Energy Calculator

The Nottingham Energy Calculator helps you understand how you can save money and energy by making simple improvements to the efficiency of your home or generating your own energy.

It gives you information on different energy efficiency and renewable energy opportunities for your property. For example, it may suggest that you could benefit from increased loft or wall insulation or that your home may be suitable for solar panels.

The Energy Calculator provides you with easy-to-understand information about each low carbon technology and gives the potential upfront costs and the annual cost- and carbon-savings that can be made.

It also gives you links to further information on local schemes which can support you in getting measures installed, as well as other sources of support available.

The Energy Calculator is a new site and we will be working to make it even more useful. If you have any suggestions then please use the Feedback function on the site.

To access the Nottingham Energy Calculator, Nottingham Energy Calculator.

Further information

The Energy Calculator has been developed by Nottingham City Council, working with Nottingham Energy Partnership and other selected organisations including Geographical Information System company Esri UK. It has been developed as part of the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) Local Carbon Frameworks project.

The development of the Nottingham Energy Calculator is a key element of the Council’s Energy Strategy, which aims to reduce city-wide carbon emissions by 26 per cent by 2020, and to ensure that 20 per cent of Nottingham’s energy requirements are met from low or zero carbon sources by the same date.

For more information, view Nottingham's Energy Strategy.

The Energy Calculator also supports the Nottingham Community Climate Change Strategy, one of the objectives of which is to raise awareness of and facilitate take-up of energy efficiency and renewable energy opportunities by residents.


The Nottingham Energy Calculator is provided as a tool to assist persons estimating solar potential and to illustrate the potential value of installing energy efficiency measures and solar panels. The Council does not warrant the accuracy of any information contained in or calculated from the Energy Calculator, and specifically does not represent, promise or guarantee that you will achieve the outcomes estimated by this site or that the estimated savings will be obtained. The use of the Energy Calculator is intended for research and informative purposes and is not intended to replace professional specialist advice. You should verify all information and values obtained from this website.

Nottingham City Council and all parties associated with the development of this website do not accept any liability or responsibility with regard to the use or reliance on any materials and information contained on the Nottingham Energy Calculator website.

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