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What is Nottingham Insight?

Nottingham Insight, formerly NOMAD+, is a shared evidence base that provides access to data, information and intelligence about Nottingham and the surrounding area. This partnership system aims to improve decision-making, support partnership working and better prepare us for the future.

Hosted resources including data, analysis, mapping, reports, policy and other documents, aim to benefit local authorities, partner organisations and all people interested in the growth and development of Nottingham and the surrounding area.

How do I contact a member of the Nottingham Insight Team?

Contact information for members of the Nottingham Insight Team can be found on our contacts and feedback page.

Can I provide feedback on Nottingham Insight?

Yes: our contacts and feedback page provides a feedback form and various contact details.

Do I need particular web browser software to view Nottingham Insight properly?

Yes: please refer to our browser compatibility page for more information on this.

Note however that whilst your browser may not be officially supported, Nottingham Insight has been designed to be compliant with various web standards. This should at least make content viewable - you may just miss out on some features.

Do I need any other software installed on my computer in order to view Nottingham Insight resources properly?

Yes; some information on Nottingham Insight will require downloading and opening with a specific application. Generally documents will be in either Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF or Microsoft Excel formats; for suggestions about where you can get this software, please visit our download viewer software page.

How can I search for a particular resource on Nottingham Insight?

Use the search facilities on the search for resources page to find specific resources on Nottingham Insight.

Type a key word (or key words) into the document search facility, if you want to locate resources such as reports, briefing notes, document summaries, policy documents, presentations, maps and other – generally non-tabular – resources.

Type a key word (or key words) into the data search facility, if you want to locate data and statistics relating to a particular subject category. Carrying out a data search will generally return DataView resources showing tabular data, but will also return associated resources such as individual indicators and area profiles.

Note that a search with less key words will return more results, but is more likely to return the resource you are searching for.

If you still can’t find what you are looking for, then please contact a member of the Nottingham Insight Team to investigate whether we are currently hosting a particular resource and how you can access it.

I have located a resource I want to see but can’t view it: why not?

If a message is displayed telling you that you do not have the required permissions to access a resource, then this is probably because some resources on Nottingham Insight are restricted to individual users or groups.

Contact a member of the Nottingham Insight Team if you wish to discuss this further.

It may also be that you need to make sure you have the right software on your computer to view certain files. Visit our download viewer software page for more information on this and to download the relevant viewer software for free.

Can I contribute resources to Nottingham Insight?

Nottingham Insight relies on the valuable contributions of individuals and organisations to keep the site relevant and useful. However, you do need to be registered as an Advanced User in order to be able to submit resources to the site.

As these rights are granted at the discretion of the Nottingham Insight administrators, you should contact a member of the Nottingham Insight Team if you wish to investigate this option.

Note that individuals who wish to become Advanced Users will need to attend the relevant training course to ensure all data and information is submitted correctly and completely.

Why can’t I see the resource(s) I have uploaded to Nottingham Insight?

Once individuals have submitted resources for inclusion on Nottingham Insight, they are placed in a holding area whilst the site administrators check that all required information relating to a resource - such as metadata elements, access rights etc – are complete and correct. Only once this has been completed will the resource be hosted on the site.

If you feel that an unreasonable amount of time has passed since submitting a resource for inclusion on Nottingham Insight and its appearance on the site, then you should contact a member of the Nottingham Insight Team.

What software do I need to view content on Nottingham Insight?

Not all information on Nottingham Insight is presented as normal web pages: resources may also variously be in Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, PDF documents and other formats.

If the software is not already on your computer - you may need to download the following document viewers to fully explore Nottingham Insight:

Which browser should I use to view Nottingham Insight?

Nottingham Insight has been designed to work with as many common browsers as possible, so it is likely you are already using one which is supported. We do however recommend the use of one of the following browsers for full functionality:

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