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The Insight web family is the name given to a series of websites containing information for Nottingham, Nottinghamshire and its districts. Building on the former NOMAD+, Insight is a shared evidence base that provides access to data, information and intelligence about Nottingham and the surrounding area. This partnership system aims to improve decision-making, support partnership working and better prepare us for the future.

The insight web family currently consists of:

Hosted resources including data, analysis, mapping, reports, policy and other documents, aim to benefit local authorities, partner organisations and all people interested in the growth and development of the Nottinghamshire area.

Key facts and figures relating to each administrative area and its communities, can readily be utilised for:

  • Providing comprehensive, timely and up-to-date information
  • Service and project planning
  • Informing policy formulation
  • Evidencing strategic decisions
  • Services promotion and marketing
  • Preparation for commissioning services
  • Resources accessible to organisations involved in tendering processes
  • At a glance summaries and profiles of all aspects of the state of Nottingham
  • Preparing for inspections and enabling audit inspectors to easily locate the information they require

If you would like more information about the Insight web family, or to provide some feedback, then contact details can be found on our contacts and feedback page.

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